What Inspired the Launch of By the Sea Swimwear?

Christina Anstett

Posted on January 27 2017

What Inspired the Launch of By the Sea Swimwear?
What inspired the launch of By the Sea Swimwear?
As sisters who grew up along the San Diego coast, some of our first and favorite memories are from the beach. So naturally, we grew up loving the ocean. That includes taking care of it and being found in a bikini all year long! We have always found ourselves drawn to detail, whether that's in the design of a seashell or the beauty in artwork. From handmade detailing in macrame knots to the styles we draw by hand, we wanted to create luxury swimwear that cuts no corners in the production process and turns out swimwear that is both eye-catching and classy. And of course, we wanted to do all this without sacrificing being green. So we set out to make unique swimwear that is sustainably made and environmentally conscious. We have always been inspired by giving back and so the thought of establishing a swimwear company that could produce gorgeous bikinis while giving back to conservation efforts inspired us initially and continues to motivate us.

You said that giving back inspires you. What else has inspired your swimwear?
We believe everyone should feel great in their bikini, and so creating swimwear that fits fantastically is important to us. We revised and revised each piece of swimwear until we felt it looked ideal on every body shape and size. We want anyone who wears a By the Sea suit to feel like it beautifully accents her body. We are inspired from art, patterns, and architecture from around the world as we design prints. We are currently working with an artist in Australia whose work we are thrilled to showcase in our swimwear soon. Keep an eye out for them!

Tell us about your ECO-friendly fabrics.
By the Sea Swimwear is made from recycled post-consumer materials like fishing nets and water bottles that have been abandoned in the ocean and collected to be repurposed. Recycling technology enables the creation of recycled fabrics from 100% recycled polyamide fiber that are destined to impress you. The result is highest quality, smooth fabric that has five times the shape retention of other swimwear fabrics. They offer UV 50+ protection and are highly resistant to sunscreens and oils. Not only are these eco-friendly fabrics setting new standards in swimwear, but their sleek comfort makes them feel like a second skin. 

As a brand, what core values does By the Sea Swimwear embrace?

By the Sea Swimwear has three vital pillars that it builds upon:  creating beautiful luxury swimwear, being eco-friendly, and giving back to conservation efforts. We are passionate about producing stunning swimwear that every woman of any shape and size can feel confident and fantastic while wearing. We use the highest quality fabrics, create seamless suits, and design patterns and prints that captivate. We believe loving fashion and loving the earth go together too. Using sustainably made materials and eco-friendly practices are crucial to us. We make our swimwear here in the USA which substantially cuts fossil fuel use, ensures adhering to strict regulations, and means that no exploitation of women and children for cheap labor are ever used. Our swimwear is made with first grade recycled materials, like abandoned fishing nets that are repurposed.

And the third pillar you mentioned?
To complete the cycle of minimizing our environmental footprint while crafting beautiful bikinis, giving back is valuable to us. We are proud members of 1% For the Planet, which means at least 1% of our annual sales goes to supporting nonprofits focused on environmental issues - with both local and global reach. We are committed to giving back to help our environment and believe that there is a rising generation of consumers that care deeply about loving the earth back too. Together we can make a difference with how fashion and swimwear impact the health of our planet- one bikini at a time.

What distinguishes the current collection?
The collection is vibrant with many bright, fresh colors. Of course, the essential black and white bikinis are there too. You see many handmade details in the macrame. Mesh features are included to add a light, delicate, and feminine touch. Suits are fitting to your skin with high cut hips that elongate legs and sleek, seamless cuts that flatter. Prints are inspired by wanderlust and whimsical pursuits of adventure. There is definitely a stylistic consistency that marks the suits By the Sea.

Tell us about your little girls line.
We have an adorable girls line that is little girl approved! The suits are all reversible. The prints match prints in our collection so mamas and aunties can match their little loves. You can also complete the little girls suit with a matching headband and tutu. Your little girl might not want to take it off!

What suggestions do you have for women ordering your swimwear online?
For each piece of swimwear, we have an excerpt describing how it fits, what its cut is like, and any other details on the website. Reference those for specific information about each piece, and do not be afraid to mix and match styles and sizes! We have seen people get creative with how they reverse the swimwear and match the styles together. Also, remember to scroll over the colors, because most suits are reversible and will tell you which color or print reverses to what.

What are you looking forward to with your brand?
We are excited about future collaborations and the continual building of new relationships. This business has opened doors to new connections and friendships around the globe, and we have been blessed through each one of them. We are excited to introduce our upcoming collection. We have future prints that are nothing short of masterpieces and represent international collaboration influenced by a variety of cultures. We have learned so much and are so thankful to be on this path. There is a lot on the horizon that we are thrilled about!

How do you see By the Sea Swimwear impacting the environment in the future?
The fashion industry is a predominant polluter, and we are very grateful to be taking strides forward to cut down that environmental footprint. Along with other environmentally conscious clothing companies, we desire to show that you do not have to forgo style to love the earth back, but both can go hand in hand. Hopefully steps forward in using sustainable processes and materials will inspire other businesses to take responsibility in conservation efforts that impact the planet we all share and will hand to our children. We are glad to help spread awareness, show that a business can make a difference, and pursue something we love while continuing to minimize our environmental footprint and give back. Hopefully the amounts we can give will continue to grow as we partner with environment-friendly pioneer, 1% For the Planet, and the partnerships we have with eco-friendly charities and foundations will expand, as well. Look for us at beach clean-ups - quite possibly in a By the Sea bikini.


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