About By the Sea Swimwear

By the Sea Swimwear is a family owned and operated business spearheaded by sisters Alycia and Christina. Its name comes from the California beach town Cardiff-by-the-Sea, where Alycia and Christina grew up. Raised by a father who is a passionate surfer, it was only natural that Alycia and Christina would grow up with salt water running through their veins. Living by the sea with the ocean as their backyard, Alycia and Christina cultivated a deep love for the water, conservation, and of course, swimsuits.

By the Sea Swimwear is environmentally friendly and ethically conscious so that you can enjoy the confidence of being green and gorgeous in your bikini. Recycled, sustainably made, and eco-friendly are crucial elements to us, as well as the wellbeing of our planet and future. We profoundly believe that taking care of our oceans and world our necessary, and as a business, we get to play a big part in ensuring you can help love the planet back too. Together, we can take great strides in being environmentally responsible while collecting chic, beautiful bikinis.

Each year hundreds of thousands of tons of fishing gear, like fishing nets, accumulate in the ocean and harm essential ocean life. Imagine no more dolphins, coral reefs - tragic right? But we are working to stop that. Recycling fishing nets and other post-consumer materials enables the creation of recycled fabrics. Recycling technology is paving the way forward in eco friendly endeavors, and By the Sea Swimwear is thrilled to take a stand in protecting our oceans by bringing you eco-friendly, highest quality bikinis. Each suit is made from 100% recycled polyamide fiber. These pre and post-consumer materials are transformed into a sleek, smooth, sustainably-made fabric. Each bikini boasts UV 50 + protection and two times the shape retention of other swimwear fabrics. This innovative swimwear technology is also highly resistant to the sunscreens and the oils every beach babe has with her. This luxurious fabric is tantalizingly comfortable and a win for you in every way.  And, it is a huge win for our planet too.

As a family run enterprise, uncompromising integrity is crucial to every part of the swimwear design, production, and collection. By the Sea Swimwear is made in the USA ensuring American jobs. No child labor is ever used, and everyone a part of the By the Sea team is paid a generous and fair wage. 

With a heart for children, By the Sea Swimwear has a captivating and adorable collection for baby and little girls. Complete with tutus and headbands, little girls feel beautiful in these suits designed just for them. Most patterns match our adult swim s
uits. Mommies and aunties can wear the same suit or style as the little girl they love. Every year, we donate a portion of our sales back to children in need.

By the Sea Swimwear is fundamentally dedicated to designing classy, beautiful swimwear with you in mind. All suits are seamless with the highest quality material and fabric combinations. Most swimsuits are reversible, and all encompass beauty, femininity, and boldness. Inspired by travel to over 45 countries, exquisite designs from around the world are fused into By the Sea Swimwear prints. Styles gravitate towards a bohemian, free-spirited beach vibe, combining whimsical and wanderlust, class and creativity.

Versatile as well, take your By the Sea suit out into the waves, onto the volleyball court, or sailing out to sea. Bring it with you to the lake and that poolside cabana. Lounge in it with your toes in the sand. Mix and match it, we've captured comfort and class. Keeping you in mind and balancing fun and fashion, By the Sea Swimwear is the perfect fit artistically detailed just for you.   
Alycia & Christina                                                                            
Owners & Designers of By the Sea Swimwear